BIONI SYSTEM has specially developed the system solution REPAIR to meet the extreme requirements of
damp and water damage.

The special feature: the system solution REPAIR can be applied directly onto all bases which are affected
by residual moisture or mould. The only requirement is that bases such as plaster or old paint are stable.
The high costs involved with removing any existing bases associated with damp and water damage become
a thing of the past.

The system solution REPAIR does not use conventional biocides or fungicides and encloses the existing
mould safely and efficiently.


Hygienic Long term protection against mould
Safe No chemical mould removers used
Environment friendly System components do not contain biocides or toxic substances
Fast Rooms can be used as normal only a few hours after treatment
Efficient Can be used on all bases (plaster, concrete, lightweight building boards,
tiles etc)
Economical Can move back into room immediately after use


With BIONI SYSTEM REPAIR, the affected rooms can be quickly used again as normal and the air and room
climate quality is improved in the long term.

The unique solution against mould caused by damp and water damage

  • Can be applied directly to areas affected by mould and damp

  • No removal of stable bases such as plaster or old paint necessary

  • Significant time saving in repair

  • Considerable cost and damage reduction