BIONI SYSTEM offers the MEDICAL system solution for medically sensitive areas with extremely high
hygienic requirements. The Institute of Hospital Hygiene and Infection Control (IKI) in Gie├čen, one of the
leading hygiene institutes in Germany, has found that this offers a germ reduction of particularly
environmentally resistant germs of 99.999%.

The system solution MEDICAL can be applied directly onto the areas which may become affected by
germs and bacteria or which have already been affected. The only requirement is that the surface such as
wallpaper, plaster or old paint is stable. Hereby the system solution MEDICAL does not use conventional
biocides or fungicides and eliminates existing germs and bacteria.

The system solution MEDICAL offers permanent protection against germs and bacteria including E.coli,
pseudomonas aeruginosa, staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus, faecium and much more

The unique solution against germs and bacteria:

  • Can be applied directly to surfaces affected by germs and bacteria

  • Removal of stable bases such as wallpaper, plaster or old paint is not necessary

  • Safe elimination of germs, bacteria, mould and special viruses

  • Active prevention, increases protection against infection and illness