BIONI SYSTEM offers the perfect system solution to meet the special requirements of spas and areas affected
by damp (e.g. saunas) in hotels and holiday resorts as well as swimming pools and gyms – the system
solution HEALTH.

The special feature: the system solution HEALTH can be applied directly onto the base affected by residual
moisture and mould. The only requirement is that the base such as plaster or old paint is still stable.

The costly removal of all previous bases becomes a thing of the past.

Hereby the system solution HEALTH does not use conventional biocides or fungicides and encloses the
mould and odours safely and efficiently.


Hygienic Long term protection against mould and odours
Safe No chemical mould remover is used
Environmentally friendly System components do not contain biocides or toxic substances
Fast Very fast treatment: no time consuming preparation necessary and therefore
hardly any loss of utilisation/business
Guest friendly No odours, no noise or dirt as existing base does not usually need to be
Cost efficient Rooms can be used immediately afterwards
Health friendly TÜV certified and medically recommended materials are used which meet the
highest air quality criteria



The BIONI SYSTEM HEALTH improves hygiene and comfort in the affected areas in the long term and significantly
reduces costly and time consuming renovation work.

With its unique benefits, BIONI SYSTEM HEALTH is, therefore, a GUARANTEE for satisfied hoteliers and guests.


The unique solution against mould and odours:

  • Can be applied directly onto surfaces affected by mould and odours

  • No removal of stable surfaces such as plaster or old paint necessary

  • Significant time saving during treatment

  • Considerable reduction in costs and damage