Two-phase funtion principle

With the HEALTH system solution, the extensive preparation work often involved in mould and odour
treatment becomes a thing of the past.

Our innovative treatment concept enables the affected surfaces to be treated directly as long as the
base is still stable.

Hereby no chemical cleaning agents which could lead to health problems are used.

After treatment, the surface is coated again using a special procedure and this gives permanent
protection against recurring damage.

The effectiveness of the HEALTH system solution is based on innovative product technology
combined with a special processing method.


Wall or ceiling areas affected by mould or bacteria

Moisture and odour of building areas are often only partially visible as moisture, spores and odours are also found in the deeper layers of the base (e.g. plaster).


First coating phase with BIONI SYSTEM HEALTH

After mechanical wet cleaning, apply solution directly onto the affected area. Disinfection with aggressive chemicals is not necessary. Simply paint over visible mould and odours.


Second coating phase with BIONI SYSTEM HEALTH

The final coat can take place already the next day. This offers permanent and preventative protection against renewed mould or odours forming. Any residual moisture in the base can diffuse through the surface of the coating system.