Mould and odours

Where a unison and harmony of body, mind and soul is desired, guests and visitors are particularly critical.
However, it is particularly the high moisture and room temperature levels in saunas, swimming pools, gyms,
relaxation areas or spas of hotels and holiday resorts which provide the perfect conditions for the multiplication
of mould, algae, moss and also bacteria and germs.

Also in kitchens, wash rooms and swimming pools, moisture and mould can result in recurring renovation
work resulting in high maintenance costs.

To this also come the costs involving loss of business during the maintenance work – for example for rooms
or wellness areas – as well as guests who are annoyed because of renovation noise, dirt and odours.

The new renovation concept of BIONI SYSTEM enables hoteliers to focus on what is really important, namely
their guests. Recurring renovation work as a result of mould and rooms affected by odours becomes a thing
of the past.