BIONI SYSTEM SYSTEM offers a unique system solution which is specially designed to meet the high
demands in the food sector, – the system solution FOOD.

The special feature: the FOOD system solution can be applied directly onto the surface affected by
mould. The only requirement is that surfaces such as plaster or old paints are stable. Hereby the expensive
removal of all previous bases becomes a thing of the past.

The system solution FOOD works without conventional biocides or fungicides and encloses the mould
efficiently and safely.


Hygienic Long term protection against mould and bacterial contamination
Safe because it uses no chemical and toxic mould removers
Eco-friendly because all system components are free of biocides and fungicides
Fast because a few hours after treatment, the premises are fully usable again
Efficient because nearly all substrates (plaster, concrete, lightweight boards, tiles,
etc.) can be coated
Economical because there are no long downtimes in production


The hygiene in production and storage facilities is therefore sustainably improved, products are effectively
protected and the previously high cost of maintenance and renovation measures is significantly reduced

The unique solution against mould and bacterial contamination in food preparation:

  • Can be applied directly to surfaces affected by mould and bacteria

  • No removal of stable bases such as plaster / old paint necessary

  • Significant time saving in surface treatment

  • Considerable reduction in costs