New company appearance of Bioni System

The long-term experience of the BIONI, manufacturer of special coatings in the range of building surfaces affected by moisture and mould forms the basis for the establishment of BIONI SYSTEM (formerly GWC General Contracting GmbH). BIONI works in close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute and is technology leader in the sector of development and manufacture of hygiene-improving coating based on nanotechnology. Therefore, the strategic integration of BIONI SYSTEM into the structure of the associate company was an important and decisive step. In this process, the renowned consulting firm TATENDENKER realised the strategic development of the company as well as the marketing consultation.

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molkereit industrie 1 kl


The magazine ”molkerei-Industrie“ (“dairy industry”) reports on BIONI SYSTEM

In its December issue, the German trade magazine “molkerei-industrie“ (dairy industry) reported on BIONI SYSTEM FOOD for permanent protection from mould and bacteria. The magazine “molkerei-industrie“ is one of the leading trade magazines for milk processing and offers a comprehensive and complete overview on the current developments of industrial milk processing with well-founded background reports, analyses and reports as well as comments.

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New analysis on the Bioni system

The excellent resistance of system solutions from BIONI SYSTEM against microbial attack has already been proven in numerous laboratory tests and practical applications. Now, also an excellent effect against pseudomonads was proven in analyses. In tests performed by the renowned GISSEL INSTITUT in Fulda, strains of Pseudomonas aeruginosa were no longer detected in the samples under examination already after 1 hour. An excellent effect was also determined against E. coli as well as Listeria monocytogenes.

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